Closing Announcement

To our valued customers, it is with sadness and excitement that we announce, that it is time for us to retire and for Ben’s to close! 
Ben’s opened in 1976 as a Ben Franklin variety store. It has been quite the journey turning that variety store into what Ben’s has become today. We have put everything we have into running this store and trying to serve the Belleville Community for the past 46 years.
You have become part of our extended family and that is where the sadness in making this announcement comes from. We will miss seeing our valued customers and employees on a daily basis. We are, however, excited for our future as we move into retirement. This decision did not come about hastily, but since I will be 83 years old this month, I’m looking forward to traveling, some golfing and the opportunity to spend more time with my friends and family. My daughter Beth joined me in 1989, after working briefly in public accounting, and has been my rock, and side kick, as we have made quite the father /daughter duo over the years. Beth is also looking forward to retiring, traveling and more family time, as we all know the years just keep flying by.
We have decided that with this announcement, we will start our store our closing sale effective today, Sunday December 18th , 2022. Everything in the store is reduced to expedite a quick liquidation. Please follow us on social media @ShopBens for updates throughout our liquidation sale.
For information on our buildings Downtown, please contact Matt Barriger at Barber Murphy.
We can’t thank you enough for your years of loyalty to our small business, and please know, we will forever be grateful that you journeyed through the last 46 years with us too!!!
~ John and Beth